This is my contribution to an entertainment industry.

I created this app for fellow background actors, inspiring actors, actors, CD, PA and whomever that works in an entertainment industry that needed to commute from one studio to another studio.One location to another location daily. We know how often we go to the location but we still forget how to get there. What was the address of the studio, again? 

Will it be much easier if we can save the studio address and location and just one click away to drive to the location?
It’s not perfect yet but it saves you time to search for the location. Just click the name of the studio and you would be direct it to the address. 

Why Back2one instead of Back to one?

Back-to-One: Direction given by the Assistant Director after a take. It means to go back to the position which you were in at the beginning of the scene.

Back2One (21)

Even though, it does rhyme  with the sound of Back to one but Back 2 1 is a reminder to myself that away back before I turned 21 years old, I already did a background / extra job as a teenager inspiring actor in my home country Indonesia. After I took myself hiatus over a decade ago which I thought “background/extra” job was not the way to make a good living.

Here I go after I owned an export/import business, owned a gym/fitness business, worked at Stock Market as a day trader, a mortgage company, casino, I went back to the position which I was at the beginning of my teenage years as a background actor. I might lose everything I had but I never gave up. Entrepreneurial  and creativity have always been in my blood.

How to use this App?
Click the menu on the left and select your destination. 
When using studios or on location menu, don’t forget to turn on GPS location on your phone setting to see the map route.
What is the setting icon at the bottom right corner for?
It is your setting to turn it on and off the push notification and how often do you want to receive the push notification, which is from time to time, we will send you some alert or notification about traffic announcement or new upgrade of the App.
An additional of that is My Notes feature that you can write a note and save it for later use. It’s like your daily journal.
How to use this My Notes feature?
1. Click + on top right.
2. Write your title
3. Write any note you want
4. It comes handy as a daily journal
5. Once you are finished with writing a note, click Ok, it will show the date and month automatically
How to delete My Notes?
1. Open My Notes feature
2. Slide the note across to the left and it will show the word “delete”. Click delete.

Whoola…. Enjoy My Notes feature.

More features to come and still working on them, such a

  • Entertainment Terminology
  • Extras Casting Directors
  • CastingDirectors
  • LA Acting School and Classes
  • LA Talent Agents
  • General Talent Agent Information
  • LA Headshot Photographers
  • Headshot Duplication Services
  • Acting Classes for Young Actors in LA
  • Summer Performing Arts Camps
  • Misc. LA Unions and Professional Organizations
  • Audition Tips
  • How to make an Audition Video
  • Sample Cover Letter Casting Directors
  • Sample Cover Letter Talent Agents
  • California Division of Labor Standard Enforcement District Offices
  • Coogan Trust Deposit Instructions
  • USA Immigration Work Permits and Visas


If there are any adds on that you might want me to add it in this app, please do email me at

Note : Before you give me any negative feedback or rating, please contact me first. I might solve your problem with the app.
Thank you for using this App.
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